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Waheeda is a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master and has been practicing Reiki for twelve years. She has been initiated into Munay Ki, which are nine Rites of Passage/Initiation passed down by the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon and is also a shamanic practitioner.


With her Reiki sessions she will work on each chakra and provide a gentle healing for an overall energy experience. This involves laying of hands over the body, in the aura or energy field and/or actual hands on client. This is a very relaxing treatment and after the session clients report feelings of peace, calmness, less stress, improved sleep patterns, improved concentration and memory, and a decrease in pain.

Shamanic Healing

With shamanic work, Waheeda can use energy Medicine or journeys to facilitate healing on  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In life, we all have wounds or issues, when these wounds or issues are not addressed they tend to snowball and what started off as a simple issue turns into a bigger issue. We then broadcast a signal based on these wounds and traumas.

Two Main Components of Shamanic Healing (Energy Medicine and Journeying)

1) With energy Medicine, we work on healing the body and aura. We have seven main chakras (a chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” ) or energy centres in our bodies. When chakras are blocked this leads to stagnation in the body and illness could result in related organs and tissues. With a chakra balancing multiple issues are dealt with simultaneously and this makes it a wonderful overall energy healing. When this session is finished, the client leaves with all of their chakras open and spinning.

In our energy field we could have parasitic energy or disruptions that need to be addressed. These attachments of people, emotions or though-forms could be lodged in the aura. These attachments can be removed through an extraction process.

2) With Spirit Journeys, we enter other worlds of consciousness to access healing, guidance, resources and whatever else the client may need. In journeying we can do a Soul Retrieval whereby we bring back soul parts that were surrendered at the time of a wound or trauma. We also can discover and bring back your power animal which has Medicine to offer you through an Animal Totem Journey. We all generally have a power animal that remains with us for a lifetime and others may stay with us for a particular time or for a particular reason. Other journeys include: Power Retrieval, Past Life Journeys, Healing Karma, Meeting Your Spirit Guide, discovering what you came here to do and much more.

Waheeda offers a full range of healing services such as:

  • Energy Medicine
  • Extractions
  • Spirit Journeys such as Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Animal Totem Journey, Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guide, Karmic Healing to name a few
  • Ceremonies that heal “bad medicine” such as gossiping, jealousy or hatred that has been directed at an individual’s energy field or that which you have sent out
  • Cord cutting to remove toxic cords between people
  • Space clearing
  • Death Rites


Client A’s Journey

Her biggest issue was fear. To heal this we used several journeys which included a Rainbow Web, Soul Retrieval, Inner Sorcerer and a Dreaming Ceremonies. The client is no longer fearful of any new beginnings or change in her life and has even launched a retail and on-line business.

Client B’s Journey

His biggest issue was stagnation in business and reduced revenues. We used Rainbow Web, Soul Retrieval, Conscious Mapping, Middle Self, Inner Sorcerer and Space Clearing Ceremonies. This client’s company is now gaining international exposure and he is being sought after in his respective field.


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