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Wednesday marked the first day of fall and that means it’s now officially time to switch up your skin care routine. Your skin needs to recover from the damage you inflicted all summer long. Pools and too much sun leave our skin with a summer glow but not so healthy cells. With that said there are a few easy ways to start to undo the damage done and build a barrier for winter.  Our gal Robyn stopped by my office to talk about a few things we can do to put our best face forward this fall.


“Use a serum loaded with Vitamin C” says Robyn. “Vitamin C is a power punch cure for the skin and has lasting effects”. Robyn recommends Vital C by G.M. Collin. This is a multipurpose serum with powerful anti aging properties and helps fight free radicals in the skin. Vital C is recommended for all skin types and leaves the skin brighter,  minimizes wrinkles and visibly improves elasticity. I know I could sure use some wrinkle minimization.

“Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate” say Robyn. With summer over you need to remove dead skin cells to allow other products to penetrate the skin’s surface. While there are certainly many exfoliants here, Robyn is particularly excited about a new product coming to Mahogany next week, G.M. Collin’s Intensive Exfoliating Gel. Robyn likes this product as it is gentle on the skin and is good for all skin types – even if you are prone to sensitivity.



Fall is the perfect time for a facial, its why we offer our Feel Fall Fresh special each year ($20 OFF facials in September and October). Fall is also a great time for a peel or micro-derm abrasion. Robyn recommends coming in and visiting your Aesthetician to have a skin analysis done. Your Aesthetician can then select a course of treatment uniquely tailored for your skin and its needs.

Robyn leaves my office with a stern reminder for me (I am not exfoliating and she knows it)  “Don’t forget about your skin this fall. It is important to prep your skin now for the colder weather we all know is coming.  Just like you change up your wardrobe with the season, so too should your skin care regimen shift.”

Thanks for the advice Robyn!

P.S. She is  setting aside an exfoliating gel for me. Perhaps I should take the hint?

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