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Meet the professional hair stylist staff of Mahogany. Our team is firmly committed to bringing out the best in you.

Come and feel pampered, relaxed and receive world-class hair care with the best hair stylists in the business. Each of Mahogany’s professional stylists brings their own unique flair and expertise adding to the sophistication and diversity of our salon experience. The team thrives on being fashion forward and staying current with the latest trends. The stylists attend industry workshops and ongoing education sessions annually to keep a pulse on what’s hot and trending today. The salon team offers a full spectrum of hair services, specializing in Revlon Professional hair colour.

Aspiring Talent

This is a recent graduate who is newer to the industry and is developing their hairstyling skills while continuing with ongoing training and mentorship with our creative and elite stylists.

Creative Signature Stylist

These stylists hold leadership positions within the salon and are advanced with their techniques. They attend many training sessions each year and help with the mentoring of the aspiring talent.

Elite Master Stylist

This level is reserved for our most experienced stylists. They are well known for their skills, are high in demand and have received a tremendous amount of education and training over the years perfecting their craft.

About Kate – Aspiring


Years Styling: 3
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Formal Styling, balayage.

I’m excited to get to know you and help you feel confident and beautiful with a fantastic new hairstyle.

Social Media: @hairbykatebiggs

About Lexi – Aspiring


Years Styling: 2
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Coloring,specializing in blondes.

Lexi’s mission is to make every visit a transformative experience, leaving a lasting impression of beauty and confidence.

Social Media: @hairbylexicote

About Pam – Aspiring


Years Styling: 2
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Fun-fashion colours, highlights.

I love the most about hairstyling is that I have the opportunity to affect how people feel, I love helping my guests feel happy & confident.

Social Media: @pamelas.hairtopia

About Rhythm – Aspiring


Years Styling: 4
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Blondes, balayage, fades.

I love being a stylist because making people feel happy and confident is my passion in life!

Social Media:Social Media: @the_hair_stories

About Trinity – Aspiring


Years Styling: 2
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Colour services.

I enjoy helping others in ways that they may not be able to do themselves. Making people feel confident and happy is why I love being a hairstylist.

Social Media: @hair_colourbytrinity

About Ambreen – Creative


Years Styling: 12
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Formal Styling.

I love being able to style someone’s hair on a special day or for a special event and being able to be a part of that individual’s happiness in that moment.

Social Media: @ambreenimran77

About Dana – Creative


Years Styling: 11
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Blondes, highlights, balayage and ombres.

I love to create different types of blondes. In the salon I am known for my ombrés and balayages.

Social Media: @dana.m.hair

About Jessica – Creative


Years Styling: 16
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Balayage and highlights

Jessica is a seasoned stylist whose passion lies in the art of Balayage, creating stunning dimensional color that brings out the best in her clients.

Social Media: @mahoganybyjessica

About Katelyn – Creative


Years Styling: 8
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Blondes, balayage and grey blending.

I like my craft because I get to make every person that sits in my chair feel great about themselves. I enjoy meeting new people every day and helping them by creating a new look or giving advice on how to take care of their hair.

Social Media: @kdav.hair

About Mirlinda – Creative


Years Styling: 26
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Haircuts- short pixie cuts to long layers, and anything in between. Men’s fades.

My passion is haircuts! I enjoy helping my clients express themself through hair and making sure each customer receives an absolutely great experience.

About Paula – Creative


Years Styling:
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Blowouts and creating stunning blondes.

Paula’s dedication to her craft is fueled by a genuine love for making individuals look and feel their best, one hairstyle at a time.

Social Media: @mahoganyhairbypaula22

About Ruth – Creative


Years Styling: 5
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Haircuts-

My passion is haircuts! More information to come.

About Taylor – Creative


Years Styling: 10
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Blondes, blowouts and formal styling, long layers haircuts.

I love creating a perfect sun kissed look and believe in low maintenance, wearable and manageable styles.

Social Media: @haiirbytayy

About Tiffany – Creative


Years Styling: 15
Location: Carleton Place
Specialties: Men’s cuts, stylized bobs and ombres.

I have a natural approach to cutting and colouring and strive to bring out the best in your hair.

Social Media: @stealinglilacs

About Jennifer – Elite Jennifer Sylvester


Years Styling: 22
Location: Stittsville
Specialties: Curly hair, haircuts.

I love styling hair! My goal as your stylist is to make sure you are happy and feel good about yourself when you leave my chair.